About us

We rise by lifting others

Our mission

Deliver an unparalleled quality experience to customers in building operations, such as elevators, doors, fire safety systems, while providing asset owners and operators with reliable and comprehensive data. We enable them to optimise their assets while improving the occupant experience.

Our vision

Develop technology that improves and augments the human experience: thereby improving living conditions and spaces. In this way, we hope to accelerate the advent of smart buildings, with a focus on security, social responsibility, and optimised operations.

Our solution

As a provider of operations that are invisible, but essential, to the operation of a building, the quality we offer is based on the passion of experienced engineers and the intelligence of our technology, hardware and software (IoT sensors, client platform and a field engineer application).

Our mission, enshrined in the company's articles of association and monitored by a committee, is to put the best of people and technology at the heart of the built environment.

Benoit Dupont, Jade Francine & Tristan Foureur. Co-founders of WeMaintain

Our values

At WeMaintain, we offer a model that revalues technical professions while developing digital tools that support humans.

Living our values is an everyday thing. *Care, Grit and Uniqueness* are part of our corporate vision and culture. We make sure that we apply them every day, whether within our teams or with our customers and partners.


People are indispensable. We choose to consider them fully and pay attention to them in all our interactions.


We know our competitors, their size, and their hold on the market. Determination is key to our team’s success.


Every team member is comfortable with who they are and can be themselves, both in and out of work. On a daily basis, this creates a culture where people love what they do and do what they love.

Our history

The history of WeMaintain began in 2017 with a simple observation: for years, the relationships and treatment of asset owners, building managers and engineers have been kept to a minimum standard. While elevator products have benefited from technological innovations, the level and quality of solutions in the maintenance business has not improved.

After more than 10 years in the industry, in Europe and Asia, Benoit decided to challenge this status quo. He joined forces with Jade and Tristan who shared his conviction that a new model, combining the enhancement of technical professions and the development of digital tools, could be successful.

WeMaintain re-imagines the existing model with customer satisfaction at its core to develop a new standard for buildings:

  • By giving back responsibility, time and recognition to the engineers: the true experts on the ground and indispensable for successful performance.
  • By building its own technology, hardware and software, in order to provide reliable and complete data to optimise building management.

WeMaintain by the numbers

+ 2,000

lifts globally


WeMaintain launch in France
2020 in the UK, 2021 in Singapore


customers lost
since 2017




lifts equipped
with IoT devices


70% / 30% gender equality

Our team

Who are we?

We are a team of over ninety people based in Paris, London and Singapore from very different backgrounds and professions.

The real strength of WeMaintain is to have united within its founding team, its employees, and its partners, worlds that had never really been connected before. These people contribute to WeMaintain's success in a complementary way by bringing a variety of expertise and shared convictions.

Gathered around the WeMaintain's mission and values, the team members are very aligned in their execution.

WeMaintain's team - UK
WeMaintain's team - France
WeMaintain's founders

Our founders

Benoit Dupont
Benoit, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), worked for more than 10 years at one of the big four elevator companies. His latest experience led him to manage service in the North Asia Area. Today, he leads WeMaintain’s business strategy and development in France and internationally.

Jade Francine
Jade, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), began her career in a commercial law firm in Shanghai where she helped entrepreneurs to set up their business. She is currently in charge of our day-to-day operations and marketing.

Tristan Foureur
Tristan, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), spent four years abroad in England, India and the United States where he worked on high-volume architectures. At WeMaintain, he oversees our team of developers and data scientists.

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