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Be at the forefront of technological innovation

Work in partnership with us and get access to reliable data to provide value to your clients
Let's build a strong partnership
More than 120 companies trust us on 1000+ buildings
Ensure customer's satisfaction

Save time and ensure your client's satisfaction

At WeMaintain, we give engineers more time to get the basics right, as well as higher earning potential and a platform to display their success to you and the client.

The result? On average we reduce the breakdown rate by 3 which means the customer conversation becomes productive: about how we can add value.

Get access to reliable data in one place

  • Accurate reporting with your own personal dashboard
  • Real time and unfiltered information between you and the engineers
  • Data from the field and from our IoT sensors
IoT - Access to reliable data

Learn more about your customer's building

Thanks to our technology-agnostic IoT sensors, we give you enhanced information and insights to make smarter decisions

  • Get real-time understanding of the flows within the building
  • Analyse passenger waiting times
  • Use unit usage data to inform CAPEX decisions


Average response time


Breakdowns compared to
previous providers


Average time on-site per visit

They trust us with their lifts and escalators

much more fluid

I must say that, since WeMaintain is dealing with the lifts, the situation has drastically improved. Today things are much more fluid, lifts are no longer the main topics with the employees.
Charles Boudet
Charles Boudet
CEO, JLL France

the best and most reliable

In short, they are the best and most reliable lift contractor that I have come across in a sector of the management business which is characterised by many less than satisfactory companies.
Alison Mooney
Alison Mooney
Director, Westbury residential
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